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Yorkshire HOA Governing Documents

The following documents are provided to new residents of our community:

A Disclosure Packet Notice is provided to all new owners of property in our community.

Section 55-512 of the Virginia Code lists the requirements of Virginia law regarding residential community associations.

Our responses to Section 55-512 are also provided to new residents.

Articles of Incorporation established our Association as a corporation of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

By-Laws of the Association (updated in February 2016) include provisions related to membership, officers, and financial requirements for the Association.

Our Declaration of Restrictions (updated in July 2015) are inclusive of the Architectural Guidelines. These "restrictive covenants" are intended to protect the overall appearance, the quality of life, and the value of property in our community.

The YHOA Improvement Application Form provides the format for submission of requests to the Architectural Control Committeee in compliance with Article IV of the above Declaration of Restrictions.

Our Complaint Policy provides a procedure for a member of our community as well as citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia to submit complaints to our Association for resolution.

Our Community Property Policy describes the areas of property that are owned by the Yorkshire Homwowners Association in common, including the area around the Yorkshire Drive entrance.

Our "Reserve Study" analyzes the reason the community needs to maintain a reserve balance in our Homeowners Association account.

A Yorkshire Plat was used in 1989 to obtain approval for development and construction of the Yorkshire community.

Yorkshire Homeowners Association -- P.O. Box 1736 -- Williamsburg, Virginia 23187